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The Begining
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Our plan was simple; We would work our asses off for a couple of years, spending as little money as possible to save up for the adventure of a lifetime: A trip to all continents over 18 months or we spent all of our money - whichever came first. We planned to hit all the sites.

In Jan of 1999 we realized our goals, and left San Francisco CA on a bus to Santiago Chile. Our plan from there was to fly to South Africa from where we would take trains to Singapore then come home.
In real life, our trip didn't quite turn out this way; We were gone in total about 2 and a half years; never made it to Africa; Went West to East rather than the other way around; and came back with more money than we left with.

What follows is a conglomeration of our emails from abroad, photo galleries emailed home from dark and distant places; commentary by SaraGrace and I several years after the fact; and little tidbits that I hope will help both inspire and enable others to do the same.
The main parts of the story can be found in the center column - the right hand column is a combination of our commentary and resources for the would be Travel Addict™ Read, Enjoy, and don't be afraid to go!  


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Why In The World Did We Do This?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to even talk to your friends and family. They just don’t get it-but that’s ok, because you do… People always ask: “Why do you want to take 1-2 years out of your life?” - But we feel you are actually adding those years to your life!
As Americans, we as a society only get ‘two weeks’ of vacation a year, and sometimes you don’t get to take those two weeks at once, but have to spread it out. One week here, and another week there. This is just not enough time to live!
The typical American lives in virtual slavery -

  • The lame two week vacation plan that companies give to their worker bee employees
  • Going from High School to College for 4-5 years (or however long it takes to finish)
  • Having to pay off that student loan so get a job right after college
  • Get married, have kids
  • Buy a house and get more in debt

When in all of this do you have time to experience the world?
Don't get us wrong; we're married, have children, and own a house. But we wanted to give some time to our lives before making those commitments.  

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